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Training courses

 Personal Security course  - skills for close defence in a hostile environment.

 The training sessions will take place in the field and in the classroom.  

• Close defence

Evaluation of the threat and analysis of the risk;

Surveys of the place, preliminary safety assurance and security reconnaissance of the route;

Improved counteraction techniques (team formation and vehicle movement);

Close Quarters Battle (CQB) (individual and team battle);

Profound knowledge of weapons (pistols, carbines, rifles);

Private /Personal security, details (PSD), live attacks of customers and evacuation situations;

Motorcade in personal security protection, Ambush situations;

Familiarity with weapons (pistols, rifles);

Anti-kidnapping techniques in a hostile environment.

 • Detals about the course

Two-handed target shooting;

Aim shot with the strong hand and with the weak hand;

Retrieving, aiming and rapid reloading exercises;

Shooting single and double action weapons;

Multiple target shooting exercises;

Removal of misfires;

Weapon control when firing on the move;

Weapon control when firing on the move under tension;


• Pedestrian escort formation

Observational skills and situational awareness techniques;

Footwork required in individual and team positions;

Scope of responsibility and duties of each member of the escort, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 guards;

Client management and counter attack training for teams of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 guards;

Transition Exercises, low-profile and high-profile operations.


• VIP security training

VIP guard safety procedures training


• Training in forming a motorcade of vehicles

Vehicle selection, positions 2 and 3 in motorcade;

A review covering both high-risk and low-risk operations;

Allocation of seats for the customer and the team;

Getting on and off the vehicles together with the customer;

Differences between armored and non-armored vehicles, contingency plans.


• Preparation and route selection


Route selection and security intelligence;

Surveys of hotels, restaurants, buildings


• Team actions

Escorted marches and crossings, single attack;

Escorted marches and crossings, repeated attack;

Training to work with satellite operators, single and multiple attacks.


• Training for handling firearms

Safety and Basic Gun Handling Concepts;

Operational features of the pistol and rifle;

Application of acquired knowledge (disassembly and reassembly);

Basic concepts in shooting (grip, position, shooting mechanics);

Handling weapons and basic shooting techniques (different positions and different directions);

Recharging and shutdowns (basic and under tension);

Advanced shooting, multiple threats and different directions;

Shooting on the move and when cover is available;

Changing of magazines and stopping on the go, under stress conditions;

Cleaning and maintenance of the weapon.

 • Attacks on vehicles

Attack in front of the vehicle, transfer of the customer.

Attacks from the left and right of the vehicle, transfer of the customer.

 • Team actions during evacuation

Counteraction, client movement, exercise and assessment (single and multiple threats/directions);

Motorcade and infantry formations against attacks.


• Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

Anti-sabotage, detection of improvised explosive devices, basic bomb squad training, introduction to inorganic chemistry;


 • Advanced firearms training

Pistol, exercises, individual action against firearms, multi-directional actions;

Gun handing drills, pair work, multi-directional multiple threats;

Rifle handing drills, multiple directions;

Rifle handing drills, pair work, multi-directional multiple threats;

Live vehicle contact exercises (anti/counter ambush, customer transfer).


• Anti-sniping

Safety rules, roles and responsibilities, use of such weapons during conflicts. Camouflage, weapons and ammunition.

Angles: degrees and minutes (of arc) of angle, Mil-dot scale and telescopic sight, firing position, range identification and firing correction, precision shooting.