PMC Training Security LTD

55 Koprivshtitsa Str., 2nd floor. 4002 Plovdiv, Bulgary

About Us

The company PMC Training Security LTD is born from the experience gained with the Black Force Security Contractor LTD UK that it is internationally recognized. This one deals with intelligence services and private safety, in the civil and military field and it helps to train the staff with practical and theoretical high level courses.
Over the years this company has worked with various government agencies, providing useful information about economy and finance during the proliferation of islamic terrorism. Moreover it obtained great results in the legal field.
Its founder, Doctor Vito Massimo Civitano, he was the chief of intelligence section and he had many international relationships. In the past years he collaborated with the current founder of PMC Training Security Ltd, Mr. Massimo Mura, to obtain global information concerning safeguarding international security and to find evidences about terrorism in Syria and other Countries.
In Italy the partnership allowed to find records on behalf of some governmental intelligence units. This records demostrate the affiliation of some persons to terrorism, observing the various law in force, often using private sources for researches, always remaining in contact with the Security Forces.
The current PMC Training, therefore, it takes advantage of this experience and it sets a goal: security and education. Moreover, the company works with others private companies, that they have a highly qualified structures and staff and they guarantee a service at the highest level in the sectors at risk.

As a guarentee of company and staff’s professionalism, it is available the corcerning record which the client can be able to see, in respect of the privacy and the correct performance of the work to which one is subjected.

Both companies work in common agreement and they are bound by a contract stipulated to guarantee the success of the works proposed by various customers. Futhermore, they commit to respect the laws in force about safety with perceverance and seriousness.